Full day Memphis, Sakkara and Dahshur


was the first capital of ancient Egypt, the first nation of the world. It was founded by King Mena around 3100 BC. On this tour, you will see the colossal statue of Ramsses II. It is an enormous statue carved in limestone. It is approximately 10m (33.8 ft) long and weighs 80 tons. It is an incredible piece of workmanship. In addition, you will view the alabaster sphinx of Memphis as well as many other ruins in an open air museum.



Sakkara is located south of the Giza Pyramids, about a 30-minute drive. It is best known for the Step Pyramid, the oldest known of the Egyptian Pyramids. It was built for King Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty by the genius architect, Imhotep.



Also at Sakkara, you will visit one of the nobles’ tombs. It shows the beauty and excellence of ancient Egyptian art on their walls. This provides a great insight to the daily lives in ancient Egypt.





Pyramid of King Unas:

Unas was the 9th pharaoh and last ruler of the 5th Dynasty during the old kingdom. He was the first pharaoh to have texts carved and painted inside of his pyramid. 







Dahshur is not far from Sakkara,just ten to fifteen minutes driving to the south.

It is one of the best places to see large pyramids,because it has few visitors.

There you will see the Red pyramid and the bent pyramid ,both of them built by king Snefru ,the father of ling Cheops.

Snefru was the first ruler of the 4th dynasty(2630 b.c).

The red pyramid is the only one that can be entered at this time.The bent pyramid was built out of limestone which was quarried locally.The casing was polished Turah limestone.

This pyramid is also know as the suthern shining pyramid.

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