Full day Museum, Citadel and Khan El-Kalili

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities:

It is located at Tahrir Square. It was opened in 1902.




It contains the world’s most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities with over 120,000 artifacts, including the golden treasures of the famous boy king, TutAnk Amun.




The citadel is considered to be among the most popular historical sites of Cairo,it was built by Saladin in the 12th century A.D,in order to protect Egypt against the crusaders.

There are many important monuments were built in the citadel through its long history,this includes the marvelous Mosque of Mohamed Ali which is the best example of the Ottoman architecture in Egypt.


Khan El-Kalili Bazaar:

The market dates back to 14th century,it is one of Cairo’s main attractions for tourists and Egyptians alike.

There you can find a lot of shops sell all kind of souvenirs.

In addition to shops,there are several coffeehouses, restaurants and street food vendors distributed throughout the market.

The coffee shops are generally small and quiet traditional serving Arabic coffee and usually offering shisha.

one of the oldest and most famous coffeehouses is Fishawi’s established in 1773 A.D.

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